9 Reasons Why You Should Cook By Yourself

Many people argue against self-cooking. The words “time-consuming”, “difficult” or even “expensive” are used. The truth looks however differently. There are more reasons to cook for yourself than against it.

1. It’s cheaper.

Of course – if you buy ready meals or fast food, you pay less than if you buy all the ingredients for a dish. You might think it would be cheaper than cooking yourself.
That is wrong. From the ingredients you buy, you get several portions. This way you pay a little more, but you can eat for several days. In addition, some ingredients are not completely used up and will be available for the next time you cook.

2. You know what you get.

With fast food or ready meals you only see the finished dish. The real ingredients remain unknown. Of course, the ingredients are listed on the packaging, but this does not mean that you can be 100% sure to get only that. Without stretching or additional means.
When you cook yourself, you prepare all the ingredients personally. You see all ingredients and know that nothing has been added. You know what you are eating.

3. It doesn’t take much time. Even if it’s laborious.

Fast food is popular because – as the name suggests – it goes fast. But let’s be honest – it’s not much faster than cooking it yourself. Many dishes take the same time as fast food. Fast food includes waiting time, preparation time and the search for a free seat. Mostly it also includes travel time. Of course there are still the ready meals from the supermarket. But you have to be honest here too – they also take as long as cooking yourself. Even if they are elaborate dishes.

4. Cooking by yourself is healthier.

By personally selecting the ingredients, good quality can be ensured. Thus, the dish is made of quality food. This means a healthier diet.

5. You can cook as much as you want to eat.

Who does not know – the ordered food is empty. And yet one is still hungry. The problem? You would have to order again. And so you pay again.
With home-cooked food you can simply take another portion.

6. It tastes better.

The potatoes are not salted enough. The chocolate cream is not chocolaty enough. Or the meat is not cooked enough.
These problems do not happen to you with home-cooked food. Wait. These problems always happen. The advantage? You can easily change the dish to your liking.

7. You’re getting more creative.

The more you cook or bake, the more you try. You no longer bake a normal cake. Later the cheesecake will contain berry puree or the meat is filled with jam. You dare to try more. And achieve positive results. And sometime you pierce the stove for hours so that your own creation is born.

8. Home-cooked food is more appreciated.

How would you feel if someone cooked for you on the stove for hours and prepared something delicious just for you? You can only feel flattered. This is a sign that the person cares about you.

9. You are fuller.

I think everyone has felt that way – you quickly went to a fast food restaurant, ate something until you were full and left. But it didn’t take long before hunger returned.
The food only satiates you for a short moment.
Home-cooked food satiates you for a longer period of time. This is due to the quality and fresh food.


So cooking for yourself is not more time-consuming, difficult or expensive. If you want to do something good for your body, you should use a cooking spoon more often and not your wallet. Let the sizzling of the meat, the spicy smell and the warmth of the stove work on you. And then let the food melt in your mouth.

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