Big News!

Puderbruder has moved!

Since October 30th, 2020 PuderBruder can be reached under the domain „puderbruder“!

Why did I move?

My blog should also be found at the domain under the name PuderBruder. It also offers me new and better functions to optimize my blog. So that the quality of the blog improves and I can offer you the best possible. Also, not only recipes are shared here, but also interesting facts, such as information about different nutritional concepts.

What is new with this blog?

First of all I would like to mention that I can now be found on Pinterest and Twitter.

On Pinterest I share with you pictures of my dishes and also dishes from other food bloggers.

On Twitter I keep you up to date with new articles and new trends in the world of food and ask for your opinion or start surveys.

I can also be found on YouTube! Unfortunately I could not shoot a video for you yet. I do not own a camera, so I wanted to film with my cell phone. But as clumsy as I am, I dropped it and landed the camera directly on a pebble. So my cell phone also falls out for the shoot. But I’m doing my best to upload the first video as soon as possible!

But now to my blog… Soon there will also be a newsletter here! There you will be informed about news as well.

Drop by and share your opinion with me!

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