Behind PuderBruder!

I’m Emely. I have been an avid reader since I was a little girl. It fascinates me how words can express and create feelings. Whenever a book captivated me, I would lie in bed all day reading. Nothing could stop me.
That’s how my passion for writing developed. I used to practice on stories. I also wanted to be able to arouse feelings in other people. To this day it is still my dream to write my own novel one day.
When I was 12 years old, I discovered blogs. From that day on, I not only wanted to write my own novel, but also have my own blog. At the age of 17 I made this dream come true. Unfortunately, due to school and other obstacles, this dream came to nothing. But after I left school, I moved and started an internship where I had to blog on the side. And immediately I was full of motivation again. Since I also had to cook for myself, it also awakened my passion for cooking and baking. This is how my blog PuderBruder came into being.
With this blog I would like to try out new recipes, pass on my motivation to other people and show them that you should cook by yourself more often. Furthermore I would like to eat healthier. This blog should help to motivate people to cook for themselves and to provide them with delicious recipes that are also healthy. Without having to do without anything!
My only obstacle to not being able to offer tasty recipes regularly is money. As a young girl in an apprenticeship I don’t earn so much that I can regularly try out new and special recipes. Therefore I would like to apologize if you are anxiously waiting for a new recipe. Also, unfortunately the camera of my cell phone broke down, so I can only take pictures when my boyfriend is there.
But if you like my blog and would like to read new recipes regularly, you can support me!
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Of course I’m also happy if you just read my articles and tell your friends about this blog. And maybe you leave a like or a comment!